A rare car collection is a tourist pit stop in Nocona

A rare car collection is a tourist pit stop in Nocona

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - The Horton Classic Car Museum is located in Nocona, Texas
About 140 cars fill the museum, and they are all a part of a private collection.
The cars are owned by Nocona couple, Pete and Barbara Horton.

"There's just so many amazing cars, different makes and models, different styles, and it's just the history that goes along with it. It's pretty special to come into a small town and see a collection that Mr. and Mrs. Horton have put together. We're all just very blessed to have someone like that here in Nocona that will share their collection with the public," said Billy Dean Dobbs, the Horton Classic Car Museum curator.

This private collection will take you back all the way to the 30's and 40's.

It includes 40 Corvettes, featuring nearly every year of production between 1953 to 1978.
The museum is more than 37,000 square-feet and was constructed in 1922, when it was home to the Shackelford Motor Company.
Since 2011, it has been a pit stop for many tourists.
Dobbs said about 60 people come thru a week on average.
     "We have people that come from all over the world: Australia, Great Britain, Oregon. It's just amazing to see all the people," said Dobbs.
He adds, he loves his job.
     "Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and see if it's real. I have a passion for the cars," said Dobbs.
Although he said it is hard to choose his favorite out of this rare collection, he does have a top pick: the MK4 Cobra Roadster.
The Hortons are not only opening up their collection to the public, they are also helping to make the downtown Nocona revitalization a reality.
Dobbs said the Hortons have a passion for cars and bringing people to Nocona.
     "This allows a lot of people, especially the younger generation, that don't know or see cars like this," said Dobbs.

All the cars run and are kept to perfection by two people who maintain the entire museum.
You can come and check out these rides for yourself at the Horton Classic Car Museum, and the admission proceeds go to the maintenance and up keep of the cars and museum.

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