A hotel in Nocona takes you back in time

A hotel in Nocona takes you back in time

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - The Red River Station Inn Boutique Hotel takes you into the history of Nocona.
The hotel consists of eleven rooms, and they are all decorated to tell a tale from the city's past .
Back in the day, Red River Station was located seven miles from Nocona. 
As the cowboys made their way up the Chisholm Trail, it was the last stop in Texas before crossing over into the Indian territory.
Like it was a hot spot then, the Red River Station Inn Boutique Hotel is just that for the modern day traveler.
     "The hotel is themed for local history, each room is designed and set up for a certain person with history tied to this area," said Bob Ferguson, co-owner of the Red River Station Inn Hotel.
One of those people is Jesse Chisholm.
Although Chisholm did not live in Nocona, his life and work helped shape Montague County.
Chisholm was a real trail blazer you could say, the route he used for trading became a post-Civil War era cattle trail used by many herders.
Some of the history at the hotel dates back to the 1800s.

One of those rooms is themed for Quanah Parker, and it is one of the most popular.

It showcases the life of the last Comanche chief, and son of Peta Nocona, who inspired the city's name.
Ferguson said a lot of people do not realize all the history right here in Nocona, like the tale of a horse named Joe Hancock.
Named after his owner, Hancock was a world renowned race horse who called Nocona home.
He was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1992.
Of course there is a Miss Enid Justin room, she started Nocona boots back in 1925.
Robert Storey, another contributor to the Nocona leather industry, also has his own room.

His company is still making Nokona baseball gloves today.

The building the hotel sits in has its own history.
      "Originally there was two buildings here. They were built in the 1924 to 1925 time frame as a hotel," said Ferguson.
It was later turned into a boarding house.
Ferguson said the building even has some of the original bricks and flooring.

He adds, restoring Nocona's history is the goal.
     "It's part of the revitalization of downtown and Nocona. In general I think it's helping out the city and community, along with all these other people who are doing the same type of thing, like putting in stores. The town has really started to grow and change over the years," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said about 25 rooms are booked each week, and he plans on adding five more to the list of options for his guest.

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