We Are Texoma: Taking advantage of U.S. 287 traffic

We Are Texoma: Taking advantage of U.S. 287 traffic

HENRIETTA, TX (KAUZ) - A new travel center is going to be built in the city that's "open for business" in Texoma. 
It will house two restaurants, a gift shop and a convenience store in the heart of Clay County.

"The idea for the travel center came from the increased traffic counts that we have on U.S. 287," Economic development director for the city of Henrietta, Rick Langford said.

City officials wanted to take advantage of the heavy traffic seen along that stretch of highway. If visitors are looking for a bite to eat, they will be able to choose between a Steak N' Shake or Texas Best Smokehouse. The gift shop will also have some tasty treats.

"It'll have beef jerky and all kinds of Texas gifts," Langford said.

Victron Energy approached city officials with the idea for a travel center several years ago.

"That began with them coming to our community and looking for a site and in their search we had things they were looking for," Langford said.

Victron Energy was looking for an intersection of two state highways and land available for sale with sewer available at the site.

"We're expecting this to make a major impact financially in the community," Langford said.

The travel center is expected to bring 30 jobs on top of sales tax income.

Despite the small setbacks, Langford said the main goal is to show visitors some good ole Texas hospitality.

"We want to make sure they remember Henrietta with good memories and good thoughts," Langford said.

There will be gas pumps for big rigs and smaller vehicles to fill up.
The parking lot will be able to hold up to 50 semis and 75 non-commercial vehicles.
The travel center will be paid for, owned and operated by Victron Energy.
The city plans to continue to increase retail options along that stretch of U.S. 287.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6
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