We Are Texoma: Lake brought back to life

We Are Texoma: Lake brought back to life

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The drought had a heavy impact on many areas across Texoma, including Lake Arrowhead.
In early May of 2015 that lake was sitting at 20-percent but roughly three weeks later levels hit 100-percent. 
Those levels have remained high and brought back life to the area.

"The lake was impounded in the late 60's early 70's by the city of Wichita Falls," game warden Eddie Hood said.

Hood said the lake has seen a cycle of low and full levels for the last forty years.

"The lake stayed at about 20-percent or less for about three years, so our boat traffic on the lake was minimal," Hood said.

While recreation suffered, some people had much larger losses. Brandon Early of Iowa Park worked for the Dundee Fish Hatchery pre-drought.

"When the drought hit worked slowed down, so I had to move off and find other employment," Early said.

Early and his family left Texoma to find work and were renting our their home in Iowa Park. They were about to sell that home when the heavy rains brought our area out of the drought. Early and his family packed their bags and came right back home.

"You know I've moved back close to family and friends. Places I knew, so now I come out and catch fish and have a good day on the lake," Early said.

Appreciative of the rains that allowed him to come back to what was familiar, Early has returned to his job and can now enjoy his days off catching fish at the lake. If you're planning on heading out to the state park and getting into the water, there are some things you need to know before hitting the waves. For the news, you need click here.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6
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