MSU Money Matters

MSU Money Matters

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Midwestern State University held their Board of Regents meeting today to go over the budget for the fiscal year 2017.

Today was just a budget workshop. They will be presented with the formal budget at the Board of Regents meeting in August.

The main drive of the university's budget is enrollment and enrollment projection is one of the topics they discussed. They predict 6,175 new student enrollments for fall 2016.

Tuition for the fall semester was set at the main meeting on May13th at which they also approved a 2% a year designated tuition increase for incoming students.

Tuition for 2015 was $121.40 per semester credit hour and it increased to $123.85. That increase generates $96 thousand dollars annually for the university.

The projected budget looks good for fiscal year 2017. They are starting with a $0 balance which is an improvement from the 2015 fiscal year when they started the year with a deficit of $2.2 million dollars. University officials say they are looking at a $15 thousand dollar surplus for 2017.

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