Staying flame free for Father's Day

Staying flame free for Father's Day

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Father's Day weekend is here and many Texomans will be firing up the grill for their dads. Officials with the Wichita Falls Fire Department want to make sure you're doing so, safely.

"July is the peak month for grill fires but we probably have one or two here in the city of Wichita," assistant fire marshal James Gowen said.

Although the city doesn't see many grill fires, Gowen said it is still a good idea to prepare.

"The first thing would be to make sure to move the grill away from your house, it has to be at least ten feet away," Gowen said.

You also want to make sure you have a fire extinguisher and water hose on hand nearby.

"Make sure the area is clear of any kind of combustible material," Gowen said.

Lucy Park was filled with people serving hot dogs, hot links, ribs and chicken off the grill Saturday.

"First of all, we make sure it's done. Part of that is testing (the meat) by the feel of it and also cutting the meat to make sure that it's done all the way through," Tony Theiman-Somora said.

Theiman-Somora was cooking for the PRIDE event in Wichita Falls and they have prepared in case things went awry.

"We have water nearby, we also have a fire extinguisher," he said.

Gowen said if things do begin to go up in flames, make sure to give them a call.

"If it does catch on fire go ahead and call 911 and then try and put the fire out and let us come and check it," he said.
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Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6
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