Burburnett I.S.D education enhancements

Burkburnett I.S.D. education enhancements

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - Additions are coming to the Burkburnett I.S.D high school in the near future.
This comes after city commissioners passed an ordinance on the sight plan for the campus.
This is just one phase of the school bond project.
Mike Whaley, Burkburnett City Manager, said this is a formality for construction projects. 
    "With any construction, there is always a site plan review to look for things in regards to drainage, setbacks and transportation, whether it be vehicular or pedestrian," Whaley said."It is just verifying that all boxes are checked off."
Passing the plan was not a hot button issue for commissioner, but it is a big step towards breaking ground at the campus.
Whaley said people are excited.
    "I have three kids in the district myself," Whaley said. "Just the buzz from my kids coming home excited about seeing what is going on and the things that are happening. I think it gives our youth a really great impression as to how the community feels about them and the fact they are willing to invest in them and their future."
Additions will include a new wing of classrooms to the east end of the new building, a locker room to the north side of the main gym and eight new tennis courts to be constructed north of the gym.
Whaley said a sight plan will not be required for every phase of the project.
    "A sight plan is generally only required when your adding additional square footage because it alters the storm drainage and the setback of the buildings on the facility," Whaley said. "So not everything will require a site plan review."
Whaley believes the project will benefit the community.
    "I do not feel like you can go wrong when you invest in your youth," Whaley said. "That is what we are doing here. As far as the city is concerned, we are happy to partner with the I.S.D. and create a strong partnership and investing in the future of the community as we move forward."
The bond, passed last November, also includes re-purposing Hardin, Evans and Tower Elementary schools.
District wide safety and security will also be addressed.
Whaley said sight plan reviews will be presented to commissioners once approved by the planning and zoning board.
The largest review will be on a new elementary school for 3rd through 5th grade off Country Road.

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