Heroes of Texoma: Justin & Connor Williams

Heroes of Texoma: Justin & Connor Williams

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - Two brothers were honored as this week's Heroes of Texoma. Justin and Connor Williams both graduated from Burkburnett High School.

"They both went through the ROTC program at Burkburnett High School," their mother Teresa Williams said.

The brothers, who are two years apart, both decided to serve our country after graduating high school.

"I think Justin pretty much decided his third year in ROTC," Teresa said.

Her son Connor, who is dyslexic, was able to build his self-esteem in the ROTC program, and his mother said after his first year in, he decided serving his country was something he wanted to do.

"I was happy because I also know I want them to go to college, and I know that the military takes care of that," Teresa said.

Justin is in the USAF and Connor is in the U.S. Army. Serving three years as a fire fighter, Justin has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Teresa said the beginning was rough.

"Once I got the first call, and I knew that he was safe and going to be okay it was easier, and he called as frequently as he could. It wasn't a lot for a mom but it was a lot," Teresa said.

Her son Connor will be deployed for the first time later this month.

"For Conner, my initial goal is to wait for that first phone call and know that he's safe and okay," Teresa said.

At the end of the day, she is overjoyed of her son's achievements.

"Sometimes when you're struggling as a parent doing everything you can do, it just makes you proud to know that you've achieved something with your children," Teresa said.

Justin plans to one day live in Washington or Colorado and work as a firefighter. Connor plans to make the military his career and hopes to one day become a police officer with a K9 unit.

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Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6
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