NEW INFO: Kuhrt Speaks About Onfield Outburst

NEW INFO: Kuhrt Speaks About Onfield Outburst

WICHITA FALLS, TX - WFISD Superintendent Michael Kuhrt released new information Friday about the district's investigation into an incident on an athletic field on June 13th.
Kuhrt says a summer organization was using the new turf field at Rider without the proper permission. Witnesses say District Athletic Director Scot Hafley began yelling and cursing at Rider Coach Eric Ward.

Kuhrt says there was a lack of communication regarding the use of the fields. Also, there were no signs or fencing there. The district is now working to improve that. He says the district has also begun an internal review of procedures and practices related to the use of WFISD facilities by outside groups.

Kuhrt says disciplinary actions have been taken against Hafley. Kuhrt said, "WFISD Athletic Director, Scot Hafley, was unprofessional and excessive in his communication with employee Eric Ward. He embarrassed himself, WFISD and me. Disagreements between employees should always remain professional and respectful and should take place in a private setting. Appropriate disciplinary actions have been taken, and Mr. Hafley will be working earnestly to regain your confidence and support. He has a long record of exceptional service in other communities and wants that to be reflected here as well. He has tackled many issues since arriving here last summer, and I have every confidence that he will continue to represent himself and WFISD in the most professional of manners."

Disciplinary action was also taken against Head Rider Football Coach Marc Bindel. Kuhrt says Bindel did not have the authority to give Coach Ward permission to use the field.

Kuhrt said, "This incident, however unfortunate, will be used to help WFISD improve our internal procedures, help us to correct communication issues, and help us to define appropriate behavior and professional interactions among WFISD staff members."

He continued, saying, "As I expressed in the opening of this letter, I believe WFISD to be the best educational choice that parents have in all of North Texas, and I will continue to work diligently to maintain and exceed the expectations of the WFISD community."