One step closer to playground dreams

One step closer to playground dreams

NEWCASTLE, TX (KAUZ) - Community members in Young County are coming together to help an 11-year-old boy reach a goal he's been raising money for, for two years. In 2014, Cole Phillips and some of his friends went to the city park in Newcastle and were unhappy to find out the park did not have much for them to play with.

"There wasn't a slide," Cole said.

He and his friends began to brainstorm.

"We started thinking like, Okay what can we do about this? We're just kids," he said.

Mayor Gina Maxwell had just been elected and she said at their second council meeting Cole walked in wanting to speak.

He asked if he could put donation jars out to raise money for playground equipment, Maxwell said.

Cole put jars up at every business that would allow it in Newcastle.

"He put the donation jars out and with the community we raised almost $2,000," Maxwell said.

Maxwell reached out to Newcastle alumni and was able to raise an additional $7,000. Word about The Cole Project quickly spread to neighboring Olney.

"I was actually doing a story in Newcastle and came across this story from Gina Maxwell, the mayor. I walked away from that interview and I just had to be able to help him," owner of The Olney Advocate, Kurt McCord said.

McCord gathered some musician buddies and told them about Cole.

"Whenever I let them know about this project they were in," McCord said.

So Saturday night they took the stage to raise money for Cole's cause. McCord said the concert brought in around $1,800 to add to the nearly $9,000 that has already been raised. Their goal is $20,000. While these totals may seem a bit far, project officials received some good news before Saturday's fundraiser.

"We had a very big surprise. A donor from Olney that wants to remain anonymous said that what we raise with this event and everything, that she will do a matching gift up to $10,000," Maxwell said.

That will turn last nights' total to $3,600. Here's how you can donate to The Cole Project.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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