Texoma's Most Wanted

Texoma's Most Wanted


These individuals are wanted as of 06-24-2016

Mykel Laurence Foster
White Male
DOB: 12-04-95  Bro/Blu
180 Lbs. / 5’09” Tall
Wanted For: Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse

Charles Edward Manning
Black Male
DOB: 08-26-87  Blk/Bro
140 Lbs. / 6’0” Tall
Wanted For:  Theft of Service O/$2,500 - U/$30,000

Samantha McDonald
White Female
DOB: 11-25-87  Bro/Bro
145 Lbs. / 5’03”  Tall
Wanted For:  Violation of Probation - Manufacture / Delivery of Controlled Substance

Mario Rodriquez
Hispanic Male
DOB: 01-26-92  Blk/Bro  
220 Lbs. / 5’09” Tall
Wanted For:  Surety off Bond - Possession of Controlled Substance in Drug Free Zone

Joeangel Esparza
Hispanic Male
DOB: 07-09-95  Blk/Bro
128 Lbs. / 5’04” Tall
Wanted For:  Bond Revocation - Possession of Controlled Substance in Drug Free Zone

IMPORTANT: These fugitives should be considered dangerous and possibly armed. Never attempt to apprehend these subjects yourself. Always contact the authorities. 

If you have any information on the location of any of these fugitives, please call Crime Stoppers. You can call them 24 hours a day at 940-322-9899. If you are calling from outside the Wichita Falls area, use 1-800-322-9888. If you have a Sprint phone, you can call toll-free by dialing #888.

You can also submit tips on the Texas Most Wanted Facebook page.

You do not need to give your name or other personal information to submit tips. If your tip leads to the arrest of a fugitive, you could earn a cash reward.

Crime Stoppers: citizens, police, and the media working together to make our community a safer place.

Together we can make a difference.

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