Kirby student wins national title

Kirby student wins national title

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KAUZ) - Congratulations are in order after a student from Kirby Junior High has become an eCybermission National champion.

Sonya Ganeshram, a Kirby Junior High student, and her team of two other 8th graders won the title by developing an invention that alerts the hearing impaired to dangers, via sensors that translate data into SMS text alerts and device vibrations.

Along with the recognition, the team also received U.S. E.E. Savings Bonds with a matured value of $9,000.

The competition was held for children in grades six through nine and was sponsored by the U.S. Army and held in Washington, D.C.

NewsChannel 6 would like to congratulate Sonya and her fellow 8th graders.

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