Three Electra Police officers receive "Lifesaving Awards"

Three Electra Police officers receive "Lifesaving Awards"

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - Three Electra Police officers were honored with "Lifesaving Awards" after going above and beyond the call of duty.
Officer Bryan Vest, Dustin Lowery and Dereck Vann were all honored by Michael Dozier, Electra Police Chief, and the city's commissioners in a very emotional ceremony Tuesday.
Chief Dozier said these officers went above and beyond what is expected of them, as he told a crowded room what these men did for their community.
Officer Vest and Lowery received their awards for stopping a victim from attempting suicide.

EMS crews who were on the scene that day said if the officers would have waited seconds longer, it would have been too late.
These officers said they still keep in touch with the life they saved to this today.
     "We treat everyone like they're human, and it's great to get a phone call from someone who you have helped," said Officer Lowery.
Officer Vest said this is a tremendous honor, adding it's what they are here to do.

Chief Dozier said recognizing these men was an honor for him as well.
     "It brings positivity to the department and the entire community. It's been so negative for so long, and these officers come to work every day with 'what can I do for the community' rather than 'what can the community do for me?'" said Chief Dozier.
Chief Dozier said this ceremony is close to his heart, and he even got emotional as the third officer was honored.  
      "I did get choked up over this. I met the victim in the past, and we are acquaintances. We have mutual friends," said Chief Dozier.
He said he is proud of Officer Dereck Vann who stepped up the day Joe Bolf had to be rushed to the hospital due to an accidental overdose.
Chief Dozier said at the time of the incident, the primary EMS Unit was not available, and the back-up unit would be responding, but there would be a delay.

So, without permission or thinking twice, Officer Vann put Bolf in his patrol car and drove him to the hospital himself.
     "Officer Vann was my first hire as chief of police. I'm proud of the choice that I made, and the job that he did," said Chief Dozier.
However, no one is as grateful for what Officer Vann did that day than the life he saved.

Bolf said this means everything to him.
     "That somebody, a complete stranger, that doesn't even know me, saved my life and came to the hospital to see me every day that I was in there, and still keeps in touch with me. It means the world to me. That's an outstanding person," said Bolf.
Bolf said Officer Vann was there for him in his moment of weakness. 
     "When it all came down to a split decision, a man decided to make a choice and save my life, and he did," said Bolf.
He said because of Officer Van's decisions, he gets to talk to his son every day and enjoy him for as long as he can.

For that, he is forever grateful.
Chief Dozier said nothing but good things can come from this, and he was overwhelmed with the support from the city and of course proud of his officers.
He said this shows the Electra PD is moving forward, and although he knows EPD has a long way to go, he believes they will get to where they need to be.

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