Electra Memorial Hospital celebrates 40 years

Electra Memorial Hospital celebrates 40 years

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - While America celebrates its 240th birthday this 4th of July, the Electra Memorial Hospital is celebrating its 40 year anniversary.

Those who attended Electra Memorial Hospital's anniversary event got to tour the facility, were served dinner and ended the night with fireworks.

Hospital officials also honored some of their amazing staff.

In 1976 the Electra Memorial Hospital opened its doors, and 40 years later the medical facility is still serving the city of Electra and being recognized for its quality and performance.

In 2012 and 2013 it was recognized for its patient satisfaction by the National World Health Association as one of the top 20 critical access hospitals in the U.S.
In 2014 the Texas Medical Foundation gave it the "Gold Award" for quality, and last year it was named one of the cleanest hospitals in the country.

Rebecca McCain, the Electra Memorial Hospital's CEO and Administrator, said it's the only access to healthcare for many people who live in the surrounding areas.
     "We have a great medical staff right here where people can get treated and not have to drive 30 minutes to Wichita Falls. Because if someone's in a true medical emergency, 30 minutes is a really long time," said McCain. 
One of those patients is Patsy Davis. 
     "They take very good care of you, and they are a very clean hospital," said Davis.
Davis said she is grateful to have a hospital so close, especially while she was being treated for cancer.
     "They're very good to me. It's more like being at home than at a hospital. They all act like they really care for you," said Davis.
McCain said having primary care physicians nearby, along with shorter wait times, are just some of the benefits to having a hospital in a rural area like Electra.

The hospital offers a number of services like a home health agency, clinic, pharmacy, child care center and more.
McCain said not only did the hospital provide health care for about 5,000 patients last year, it also provides about 250 jobs for the town.
     "I think it's so important to our community to have health care right here locally, and to be able to serve the people that we work," said McCain.

McCain said all this is possible thanks to a Texas Legislature Act that helped form the hospital district.
Since then, the hospital has continued to grow.

The building has been renovated and doubled in size.
Hospital officials said they are working on keeping the community healthy by doing more outreach programs, and in August the staff will help with back to school vaccinations.

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