Building Better Bridges

Building Better Bridges


The Wichita Falls City Council approved two agreements today for the Texas Department of Transportation to replace the Northbound and Southbound bridges on Maplewood at McGrath Creek.

City officials say Tx-DOT determined the bridges to be functionally obsolete according to Tx-DOT standards and there are some structural issues they want to correct.

The City Council approved an agreement with Tx-DOT back in 2005 to replace the two bridges but the project was never constructed

As part of the 2005 advance funding agreement with Tx-DOT the city paid advance funds of almost $10 thousand dollars.

TxDOT officials say it is not unusual for cities to apply for bridge money several years before they end up receiving it. All bridges across the state are scored and monies go to the ones most in need.

Council members say Tx-DOT is now ready to move forward on the projectsThe new advance funding agreements will replace the 2005 agreement and waive any additional funding. That means the city won't be paying for the bridge replacements. City officials say federal funds will be pay for the replacements through Tx-DOT at a cost of about $1.5 million dollars. The Northbound bridge reconstruction is going to cost almost $800 thousand dollars and the Southbound will be about $650 thousand dollars. 

City officials say Tx-DOT and the city council will do their best to reduce any inconvenience to the community during construction - and say, as of yet, they don't have an exact timeline as to when the bridge replacements will start or be completed.

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