Appeal submitted to T.E.A over Baylor County land annexation

Appeal submitted to T.E.A over Baylor County land annexation

BAYLOR, COUNTY (KAUZ) - It has been more than two months since a petition was filed to annex nearly 34.89 square miles of land from Olney Independent School District to Seymour ISD.
Since the districts did not agree on the detachment to over turn the decision, an appeal had to be filed with the Texas Education Agency.
Sammie Morris, who owns land in Baylor County, confirmed she presented an appeal to the TEA.

Although Morris said this was done by the appropriate deadline, she was not aware she needed to send the submission to both school districts.
Morris said she did get a letter from the TEA stating her appeal was received, and just like Olney school district officials, she is waiting to hear from education officials.
     Dr. Greg Roach, the Olney ISD Superintendent said, "I'm hoping it goes away. It's $50,000 that we need. No school district in the state, not a single one, could really stand to lose money."
However, it does not look like it is going away just yet.

On June 23rd, Dr. Roach said he received a fax from the TEA letting him know there was an appeal, but they could not process it as is," said Dr. Roach.
He said the fax stated the TEA failed to process the petition because the agency felt it was one sided.
Then, four days ago, Dr. Roach said some new information came in.
     "We received a fax from a petitioner, where they reportedly filed an appeal with the commissioner," said Dr. Roach.
This came from Sammie Morris.

Morris verified she is appealing the decision made by the board.
Now, district officials are not sure the fate of the land in Baylor county and that portion of the district's tax revenue.
     "Not only can the decision of the two school boards be appealed, but the time line itself can be appealed," said Dr. Roach.
He feels like the district is in limbo right now, and there's nothing they can do but wait to be notified by the TEA Commissioner if there will be a hearing or if this issue is over.
Information from the TEA is expected to be released to Newschannel Wednesday to clarify if an appeal has been officially filed or not and if a hearing is in the future for these districts.
Dr. Roach said he wants to remind people the school districts did not initiate this petition.

He hopes to settle this issue as soon as possible and is ready get back to focusing on the students.
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