Seymour Sound Garden

Seymour Sound Garden


The Seymour sound garden will bring music and fun to the downtown area offering a new option for the citizens of Seymour and its visitors. Equipped with chimes, xylophones, and drums; the park gives kids and adults the ability to have fun making music while spending time outdoors. It's not an ordinary idea for a park but economic development director for the city of Seymour, Lauren Bush, says that's what makes it so special.

"I was determined to come up with something very interesting and new and something that maybe isn't seen very often and to put us on the map as having an attraction that people would want to see," Bush says. 

The park is suited for those of all ages but will also be suitable for children with autism or other disabilities and also older adults with dementia or memory problems. Bush says, "Sensory gardens are a very safe place for them to have recreation and it's hard for those types of those types of people to be able to go out and not be over-stimulated. All of these musical instruments are in-tune and so no matter how you play them you never get an incorrect sound. There's no disappointment, there's no frustration, there's no question whether you're doing it correctly. It's always going to work," Bush says.

The sound from the instruments are very user specific so only the user of the instruments will hear the sound. Bush says this will help keep the noise level to a minimum. The park will be located between city hall and the fire station. The Whiteside museum of natural history located across the street will also use the park to give visiting school groups a place to play while other groups go through the museum. Work is scheduled to begin in mid to late July and be completed around the middle of August, weather permitting. Bush says this project will better the downtown area while also sending a message to those who live in Seymour.  "It's also to enhance the spirits of our community, to know that we are not a dying and dead community. We are a thriving one, that's modern and comes up with new ideas and is willing to go out and maybe do something that's not what everyone else is accustomed to and it makes us a little more unique," says Bush. 

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