Talking Gun Safety

Talking Gun Safety

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Earlier this week a father accidentally shot his and killed his son at a Florida gun range while trying to teach gun safety. '
Last Sunday William Clayton Brumby accidentally shot his 14-year-old son Stephen Brumby inside a Sarasota Florida Gun Range. No charges have been filed by local county sheriffs but the senior Brumby said that he is taking full responsibility for accidentally shooting his own son. Brumby said that while it was an accident he killed his son and not the gun. 

Bryce Hinton is a former police officer and current salesmen at Gun Co. & Arms located off Central Freeway in Wichita Falls. Hinton is a proud gun owner and supports every Americans constitutional right to arm themselves but Hinton said safety should always be on the minds of those practicing their constitutional rights. 

"Biggest thing is use your mind and watch your trigger finger," said Hinton. 
As a proud father Hinton said he's already started teaching his own child the importance of gun safety. 

"My son has a little small .22 rifle. Now he just turned 3 years old but I already have him shooting his gun, keeping his finger off the trigger. Children can adapt, children are learning all the time, they can learn if you start them at a young age. When raise them all the way up they'll know gun safety. I started with my son as soon as I could," said Hinton. 
Taking multiple steps like using gun locks and other safety mechanisms can go a long way in lowering potential risks. Hinton said that he uses safes to store away some of his own firearms and places them in areas he knows his son could never have access to. Hinton said most gun safety boils down to what he called common sense. Here is a list of some safety tips from Gun Co. & Arms website.
1. Always assume that every gun is loaded – A gun is not a toy. Accidentally pulling the trigger, or forgetting to put the safety on, may cause someone to lose their life.

2. Point Guns at A Safe Direction – The muzzle of the gun is intended for your target, not yourself or others.

3. Keep your Finger Steady – Make sure that when you pull the trigger, the gun was intended to fire. Misfired bullets are dangerous and may cause serious injury.

4. Focus on Your Target – Your intention is to shoot down the target, and not anything else.

Here is a link for to the Gun Co. & Arms Training courses.

Hinton reminds both gun owners and non gun owners that all guns sold in his shop must be accompanied by a safety mechanism.