Court Martial

Court Martial

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Court martial proceedings began for a Sheppard Air Force Base reservist today. 41-year-old Technical Sergeant Jonathan A. Hull is accused of Dereliction of Duty, Attempted Lewd Act With a Minor and Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor.

He pleaded not guilty to the lewd act and sexual abuse charges and guilty to Dereliction of Duty for failing to register a 45-caliber pistol that he carried onto an active military installation in Mississippi. The maximum punishment he would receive for the guilty plea on that charge is three months confinement, a 2/3rds pay cut for three months and a reduction in rank to a Grade of E1. As a Technical Sergeant he is currently an E6.

Details of the Attempted Lewd Act With a Minor and Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor charges are not available at this time.

The defendant was in court today with his defense council. The trial council and the defense spent part of the afternoon arguing over the admissibility of the evidence. They were trying to determine whether the defendant was unlawfully searched by the Office of Special Investigation at the time of his arrest last December.

The judge denied the defense motion to suppress a half of a Viagra pill found by O.S.I in the defendant's pocket.

Panel selection will begin tomorrow.

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