WFFD speaks out on responding to Wastewater Treatment Plant Incident

WFFD speaks out on responding to Wastewater Treatment Plant Incident

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A flag flying at half-staff in front of the Wichita Falls River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant was lowered for the fallen Dallas officers, but now it has another meaning for those who work here.
Daniel Arredondo, who was an employee at the plant, died Sunday morning, just a little more than one week after Arredondo and another employee were involved in a hazmat situation at the facility.

Officials with the city said Daniel Arredondo worked at the plant for a year and a half, and they are all deeply saddened by his death.

Wichita Falls Fire Department officials said their thoughts and prayers are with the families during this difficult time.

Daniel Nix, the Wichita Falls Utilities Operations Manager, said hydrogen sulfide gas is the chemical that was released.

He said the two employees were working on a maintenance repair that was routine when the incident occurred.
Battalion Chief Todd Mudd of the Wichita Falls Fire Department goes over his team's response to the incident.
He said they received a call about an unknown number of patients who were unresponsive at the plant.
15 fire fighters responded to the scene, and those who headed in to the plant had their self-contained breathing masks on due to the confined space.
They identified that they were unresponsive and breathing shallow.

Chief Mudd said first responders performed a rescue and brought the patients out," said Chief Mudd.
They treated the two employees on the scene before they were rushed to the hospital, and then they were taken to a hospital in the Metroplex.
Chief Mudd was impressed by the efforts of his first responders.
     "It's unfortunate that things happened, but they've performed a very quick rescue and did a great job," said Chief Mudd.
He said the department is trained to handle unknown scenes like this one.
     "The initial thought when they get on scene is to ensure their own safety, to identify their surroundings and to make sure they can get in there safely. As they're approaching the incident, they're able to determine what the hazards might be," said Chief Mudd.

Nix said the investigation is ongoing and is expected to be finished at the end of this week at the earliest.
An update on the other employee who was injured in the incident has not been released.

To help the Arredondo's family, head to his GoFundMePage.

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