TxDoT to Drivers "Don't Pokémon Go and Drive"

TxDoT To Divers "Don't Pokémon Go And Drive"

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Texas Department of Transportation is worried that drivers might be using the new Pokémon Go app when they get behind the wheel.

"It's a little obsessive" said Calista Calhoun.

The app is based off of the 1990's Pokémon video game and trading cards that were highly popular over 15 years ago. Today, nearly everyone seems to be downloading the app and trying to "catch'em all".

"You have to walk around your area and catch Pokémon," said Bayley Hawkins. "They show up on your phone on a map and you have to click on them and you have to attempt to throw a Poké ball in a specific area of the Pokémon to catch it."

The game has become so popular that TxDoT worries some drivers might attempt to substitute safety for trying to catch a Bulbasaur.

"Distracted driving is distracted driving, whether you are doing a text or playing Pokémon go," said Adele Lewis of TxDoT. "It is ill advised it is dangerous and it can kill you."

So is there any safe way to use the app and get around quickly?

"The safest way you can do it if you want get around driving is to allow your passengers to actually run the games on their phone and navigate as you pay attention to driving," said Lewis.

Allyson Karr said she is happy to ride shotgun, catching all she can, while her friend Calista keeps her eyes on the road and both her hands on the wheel.

"I'll be on my phone using it while Calista is driving around and I'll say, "there is one over here" and we will drive over there and try to catch it," said Karr.

TxDot has not made "Don't Pokémon Go and Drive" a full campaign yet, but the group did post various warning messages on their Facebook page both Monday and Tuesday. TxDot said they are looking for more input and welcome any suggestions from Texas drivers. 
Click "HERE" a link to TxDot's Facebook page post on the new Pokémon Go app.