Holder's Hideaways: Copper Breaks State Park

Holder's Hideaways: Copper Breaks State Park

HARDEMAN COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Located in Hardeman county off of Texas Highway 6 just 12 miles south of Quanah, Copper Breaks State Park covers just under two-thousand acres of Texas land. Even though the park wasn't completed until 1974, Park Superintendent David Turner says the history behind the name goes back a lot longer. "The breaks refers to the rough and broken land around the Pease River, it's a geological formation...And then there's copper in the Clay banks around here which General McClellan of the Union Army tried to mine in the 1800's," Turner says.

There are around ten miles of trails visitors can use to hike, mountain bike, or ride horses. Any horses that are brought into the park must have the correct papers. This is just one of many things available to do at the park. Turner adds, "If you don't have your own fishing gear we have loaner tackle. We do have the Family Fishing Program which you don't have to have a license if you're fishing at the state park. There are all kinds of stuff to do, just bring yourself and a sense of adventure and a pair of open eyes."

The park also offers a few unique programs like the star walk program. Once a month from April through October, visitors are treated to light pollution free environment that gives you one of the best views of the night sky. "The star walk starts at sunset with a naked eye tour of the night sky. As the skies darken, your eyes adjust and stars pop out. We get a closer look with telescopes and binoculars," Turner explains. Copper Breaks State Park is an international dark sky park, one of four located in Texas, meaning it's one of the few parks in the state recognized for having very little artificial lighting to block the view of the stars.

The park also houses a portion of the official State of Texas Longhorn Herd. You can only find members of this herd in three other state parks in the state of Texas. The longhorns roam the fenced in pastures around the park but are also called up to be fed by visitors. The 'Kissing Texas Longhorns' program allows visitors to feed the Longhorns with either their hands or their mouths. There's plenty of other wildlife to see scattered across the park but if Pokémon are what you're after, Turner says you're welcome to come catch them all. "Just follow the park regulations, stay on the trail, don't molest the real wildlife," adds Turner.

As we continue to move through the hottest part of the year, if you head out to Copper Breaks State Park be sure to drink plenty of water and take plenty of breaks in the shade. For more information on the park's programs or any questions, you can contact Copper Breaks State Park at 940-839-4331.

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