Motivational Morning

Motivational Morning

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Texoman's gathered at the Kay Yeager Coliseum this morning to be encouraged and hear a great message - all while eating breakfast.

The positivity at today's 15th Annual Leadership Breakfast was palpable. The venue was packed for this year's training event, which Wichita Christian School officials say it does as a service to give back to the community.

"We think that we can bring motivation, encouragement and leadership tools back to the community. That's going to make us all better at what we do."

They say the purpose of the event is to encourage individuals to be better.

"The idea here is for people to leave and go back into their lives and evaluate themselves and be better at what they do. Be better in their relationships, as a father, mother, employee and citizen in this community."

This year's keynote speaker was Dan Clark. A prolific speaker and writer who is in the Speakers Hall of Fame. Clark says he is a storyteller.

"I'm going to tell stories that make people laugh and cry and connect because the stories are what we remember."

And tell stories, he did. The audience listened intently as Clark spoke about about his life, lessons learned and insights.

"I want people to leave here with a self awareness that they are something special. That they are supposed to be here. The goal is to believe that you can become better than you were yesterday. You can't always control what happens but you can control what happens next."

Clark stressed the importance of being the best YOU - you can be.

"I hope people take away a sense of self. That we're not here to compete with others. My dad used to say you're going to make a lousy somebody else."

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