Vernon ISD employee pay raises

Vernon ISD employee pay raises

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Vernon Independent School District officials approved pay increases for the district's employees at Monday's board meeting.
Vernon Interim Superintendent Gary Harrell said hourly employees will see a 25 cents an hour pay raise, and Vernon ISD teachers will get their standard step increases like they do every year.

"The legislature on occasion will adjust the state minimum salary schedule. The state minimum salary schedule has 20 steps, and every school district in the state has to pay teachers at least as much as what the minimum state salary schedule is," said Interim Superintendent Harrell.
Harrell said Vernon has changed that standard a little, and actually pays above the state standard for some tenured teachers.
He adds some districts give new educators more money upfront, but Vernon ISD tries to keep teachers with the district longer.

Harrell said the step raise for educators is going to keep teacher's salaries about the same as last year because the Teacher Retirement System of Texas' rates and educator insurance prices have gone up.

All other employees, those who are not teachers or paid hourly, will receive a two percent pay raise.
Stipends for the school's coaches were also discussed, but were tabled for further review.

The school board talked about the district's budget, and officials said amping up security is in this school year's proposal.
Board members plan on adding security cameras outside of the doors of all the campuses to stop people from walking in without having permission.

Those visitors will have to be buzzed in to enter all Vernon ISD schools after receiving approval.

Harrell is a new face to some, but this is his 11th interim superintendent position.

He took the role as Vernon's interim superintendent in June, but said he hopes to have someone fill the role permanently by December.
The district is in the process of opening up a community survey to build a profile of characteristics that the board and Vernon ISD residents are looking for in a superintendent.

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