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WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Exercise is good for your health, no matter the age.

At the YMCA, classes are available for folks in their golden years to get out of the house and spend time exercising with friends.

Silver sneakers give's participants, like Linda Cantrell, a chance to get out of the house and be active.

"It's the action, the moving. I love to move. I'm not a person that sits still a lot. And I like the interaction with people," said Cantrell.

Silver sneakers meets three times a week at the YMCA.

The morning class meets for an hour and half to get active through various activities while also having a time set aside for yoga.

The afternoon class only meets for an hour and includes the same activities as the morning class minus the yoga.

Silver Sneakers instructor Brenda Scott, said the activities are designed to help strengthen muscles and build endurance.

Scott said she sees the more they exercise, the happier they get.

"I think that they feel better because they move more here than they would at home. And if they can come over here and move with us three days a week that's pretty good," Scott said.

With older age comes more wear and tear on the body, Scott said the class accounts for that and there's always an exercise that can be done.

"If they struggle with a move, I have an alternative for them to do and I can show them a modification so that they can still be successful," Scott said.

To learn more information about the Silver Sneakers classes, or to sign-up you can contact the YMCA at 940-761-1000.

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