Electra officials appoint a new commissioner

Electra New Commissioner

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - Electra city leaders filled one of the vacant seats on their board at Tuesday's city commissioners meeting.  
These vacancies are to replace the two city leaders who were recalled back in May.

Four candidates were interviewed in hopes of taking one of those spots, but Bob Doan was the only one who has been officially named an Electra commissioner.

Doan will sit as commissioner place one, and said he is ready to contribute to the growth of Electra.

He said he plans on approaching all city business as a team player.
     "We will take it up with the rest of the members, and then we will decide on what to say or what actions to take. I feel like that's what should be done," said Doan.
Doan is a home builder and plans on using that foundation to help build up the Pump Jack Capital of Texas.
     "I just want to be a part of the city of Electra, and do my best to bring in businesses, to work with people and hopefully see our city grow," said Doan.
An issue many residents said they had with the recalled commissioners is that they did not listen to the community.

Doan said this is not his intentions.
     "I can listen, I just don't answer on the spot. We will take what was asked of us and then we will let them know what we feel is best," said Doan.
Electra's city administrator Steve Bowlin said the commissioners will consider filling the place two seat in the fall.
Bowlin said that second commissioner seat will not be on the November ballot because the city's charter does not allow for an election to fill the vacancies.

Someone must be appointed to that position.
Bowlin said one of the key questions the commissioners asked in the interviewing process was what the candidates goals are for the city, and how they anticipate getting there. 
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