Heroes of Texoma: Melinda Hartsfield

Heroes of Texoma: Melinda Hartsfield

FORT SILL, TX (KAUZ) - A Texoma mother is being recognized as this week's "Heroes of Texoma." Melinda Hartsfield joined the United States Army in 1999.

"It was actually spur of the moment," Melinda said.

She and her mother were driving around in Channelview, Texas when she had her pull over at the recruiters office.

"I really wasn't sure where I wanted to go with my life. I graduated high school, there wasn't much for me in Channelview, so I decided to join the military and do something for me," Melinda said.

She was stationed all over the country and deployed once to Iraq and Korea. She served as a medic.

"I've done everything from draw blood to do their medical records. Put them in a room and do their vitals. So, it's different and when I was in I also helped people become healthier," Melinda said.

She also served as a pregnancy and postpartum instructor.

"That's actually what geared me to become a trainer when I got out of the military," she said.

Her daughters are very proud of what she has done.

"It's great to know that she defended our country," Jacquelyn Fyffe said.

"She's made me proud because she went all over the country, saving people and helping them," Diamond Hartsfield said.

"I know that she's out there helping people and making people smile," Chloe Fyffe said.

Melinda served in the U.S. Army until November 2010 and now works as a personal trainer. While she does not consider herself a hero she is thankful to be recognized as such.

"It's amazing. I mean I don't feel like a hero but if my kids feel that way it makes me feel great inside," Melinda said.

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Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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