Holder's Hideaways: Herd's Burgers

Holder's Hideaways: Herd's Burgers

JACKSBORO, TX (KAUZ) - Herd's Burgers located in Jacksboro, Texas is a long-time favorite for those around the area.

And it's safe to say this restaurant is family owned and operated as the ownership of the burger joint is in its fifth generation within the Herd family.

Opened in 1916, the Herd's great aunt opened Herd's burgers.

The restaurant started out as a hamburger stand serving patrons waiting at the town's bus stop.

The burger joint was then passed down two more times to Claude and Orlene Herd who took over in 1971.

They ran the station for thirty-seven years before retiring and giving it to the current owner and son, Danny Herd.

Claude and Orlene both said business has been good but it's time to keep the tradition moving.

"We've met a lot people through the hamburger stand, made a lot of friends through the hamburger stand. It's always good when we're back down here seeing our old customers still coming in. They brag on Danny's burgers all the time. We miss seeing our old customers but we're glad we're not running it anymore. We're glad that Danny took over and is running it forward," Claude and Orlene said.

Danny took over operations back in 2008 and even though it's a new generation in charge, he says nothing within the restaurant has changed.

"Everything's fresh, there are no frozen patties. It's old fashioned. We're still doing it the same way that it was done a hundred years ago. Nothing really has changed," Danny said.

Next up in line, is Danny's son Jesse herd who is the summer cook while he's home from college.

Jesse said it's a rare opportunity to be a part of something so special.

"I guess just knowing that I'm carrying on a family tradition for five generations. Not many people can say they're a part of a hundred year family business," Jesse said.

The burgers are cooked on an Army surplus griddle that was cast back in 1940.

The Herds purchased it for ten dollars back in 1969 and has been using to cook their burgers ever since.

This is just one tradition the family uses to tell their story.

"It does mean a lot to keep it in the same family, I think it's very unusual that a business has been in the same family continuously run for 100 years...If you've got a good product, you need to keep with it," Orlene said.

Herd's Burgers also offers a challenge to its customers. It has an ongoing contest to see who can eat the biggest burger.

The challenge started out with a seven patty, seven slices of cheese burger but has since reached a staggering sixteen patty sixteen slices of cheese burger.

Danny Herd warns, "If you eat it, it's free. But if you don't it's about a fifty dollar burger."

Herd's Burgers is open on Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm and is located on US Highway 281 in Jacksboro.

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