A Fare Road

A Fare Road
Wichita Falls city officials say rideshare is coming to town - the question is when and what does that mean for our city's cab companies?

Oklahoma-based Tride Rideshare wants to start operating in Wichita Falls by Hotter Than Hell, which is less than a month away. City officials say that conflicts with the current Vehicle For Hire ordinance which would need to be modified before any rideshare companies can operate here.

The owner of Wichita Star Taxi, Claudio Ramirez, says he doesn't think Tride has thoroughly researched the market.

We have 2 cab companies in Wichita Falls and the business is not here right now. We're barely surviving and drivers are barely making a living. When they want to come in and try to flood the market that is going to hurt us and them.

City officials at today's City Council meeting say they welcome ridesharing companies but only under certain conditions.

I feel like they need to be on the same level as the taxi companies. If they taxi companies require A, B and C in order for their drivers to operate then whatever rideshare companies come to town they also need to do A, B, and C for their drivers to operate."

Things like background checks and finger printing and most rideshare companies don't go through that process with municipalities.

After today's discussion, city officials say their first goal is to work with the taxi companies. Whether or not Tride will be allowed to operate by HotterN Hell remains to be seen. City officials say app based transportation service is the future - either way, Ramirez says Wichita Star Taxi  isnt going anywhere.

We'll be here - whether they are here or not.

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