Car Buying Tips From The BBB

Car Buying Tips From The BBB

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Better Business Bureau offered some new tips to prevent consumers from feeling buyer's remorse the next time they purchase a new or used vehicle.

Monica Horton works for the BBB of North central Texas located in Wichita Falls. Horton worries that some consumers are not taking proper steps before buying a new or used car.

"There is a misconception from consumers that when they purchase a vehicle they sign the contracts and they drive that vehicle off the lot that there is some kind of third day or three day cooling off period," said Horton.

According to Horton once you purchase that vehicle and drive it off the lot it's yours. Horton said that no dealership is required to take a purchased car back. Horton tells consumers to establish a budget before they head to the dealer of their choice.

"You need to as a consumer do your research. There are some preliminary things that you can do to avoid that buyer's remorse or impulse decision in buying a car," said Horton.

Once you've compared prices and chosen a dealership Horton advises consumers to take their potential car buy for a ride in the similar conditions the car will be driven in once purchased. Horton also advises buyers to be patient and negotiate with dealers, but also tells them not to be afraid to walk away if the offers don't match what you're looking for.

If you would like to learn more about some of the car dealerships in Texoma you can check out the BBB website for both NEW and USED cars by clicking the link within the words. You can also get the full list of car buying tips from the BBB by clicking HERE.