Weather conditions cause Texoma tinderbox

Weather conditions cause Texoma tinderbox

ARCHER COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The hot and dry weather is adding fuel to the risk of wildfires.

John Strenski, the Bowman Fire Chief, said things are not going to start looking better until these conditions change.

Officials said humidity levels below 30 percent and no rain are perfect for igniting and spreading grass fires.
In the past few weeks multiple fires have sparked up in Texoma.
Within that time, 100 acres of land in Burkburnett and 100 acres in Archer County were scorched by flames.
Chief Strenski said to put out Thursday night's blaze, on 3 Way Road off of Highway 1954, 11 brush trucks and three tankers were on the scene.
Strenski said the cause of the fire was a cigarette butt that was not properly disposed.

He adds he wants to remind people of ways they can prevent fires.

Strenski said sparks from flat or low tires, chains dragging from vehicles and machinery can all be fire starters.
Donald Hughes, the Wichita Falls Assistant Fire Chief, said Tuesday's fire on Charlie Circle was caused by a mowing accident.
The person operating the lawn mower hit a pipe and caused a spark that ignited the blaze.
Chief Hughes warns down power lines are another hazard.
However re-flares have been a concern here lately, and Chief Hughes said once a fire has started up, they are hard to predict.

Officials with the WFFD said they can only monitor the scene for any potential rekindles.
Hughes and Strenski both said they check the National Weather Service daily for humidity levels and wind speed and direction.
Besides being aware of some of the man-made causes of grass fires, Chief Strenski said you can also help by dropping off Gatorades to your local Volunteer Fire Department.

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