Y-Minute: Power Max Fitness

The Y Minute: Power Max

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Working out is a big commitment that requires a lot of dedication and time.

But for some, there's just not enough time in their schedules to fit in a two to three-hour workout.

Power Max is an interval circuit training class that meets three times a week at the YMCA.

Each class is different and uses various workout techniques to accommodate everyone and keep the participants meeting their goals whether it's losing weight, building muscle, or increasing stamina.

"It's all based off time, so if I say thirty seconds you do what you can in that time. My purpose is to make sure you're comfortable, safe, use proper form, and enjoy the workout. It's about creating relationships within the class, much more than just a workout," says Power Max instructor Megan Gibson.

Gibson adds that the actual workout is only half of the equation, the goal is to keep them coming back.

"If I only get you for one workout, I didn't do my job. It's about retention and getting you to enjoy what you do and come back every day," Gibson said.

Gibson says the class uses any resources the YMCA has and doesn't confine the class to one room; they use the track, the weight room, and even do a few activities outside. And with the upcoming addition of new facilities at the YMCA, Gibson now is the time to get involved.

"You need to get a membership, you need to join. It's awesome. And with the Capital Campaign finally released, the potential of this Y Organization is going to blow your mind," says Gibson.

For more information on the Power Max class or how to become a member at the YMCA, call (940)761-1000.

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