Olympics Provide Business Boost

Olympics Provide Business Boost

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Most Americans have been glued to the TV this past week as they watch athletes from around the world compete in the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. For some local businesses the Olympics can actually provide a business boost. 

For Pueblo Boxing Gym of Wichita Falls the Olympic boxing and the interest it garners has provided owner Juan Escutia with an increase in membership which translates to an increase in finances.

"Different little things like that right now it's the Olympics somebody sees somebody they see a story about somebody and it just plants that seed," said Escutia. 

For Escutia it was the movie "Rocky" that inspired the Houston native to pick up a pair of gloves and become active in boxing. Anytime boxing is trending or present on social media Escutia says that it's typical to see increases like the kind he's beginning too see now that Texomans are being exposed to Olympic boxing matches on TV. But members at Escutias gym aren't there to compete but to simply better themselves and get into shape. 

"I have to sit in front of a computer all day I'm pretty much caged in all day so I come here I am free and can just do whatever I want and it just feels great," said Jeffrey Correa who picked up boxing just three weeks ago. 

Correa said he feels inspired by the boxers he sees competing in the Olympic games. However, he admits he was unsure what a boxing style workout would entail. while Correa doesn't have plans to go pro he says the physical and mental benefits are exactly what he was looking for.

"It gets rid of all the stress from everyday life," said Correa. 
Inside the gym Correa stands in front of a punching bag working on his form and building up his body's mechanics.

"Today we were working on a few circuits jabs upper cuts a little bit of boxing," said Correa. 

Clhaylor Escquibel is one of Correa's trainers he said that boxing can provide more than mental and physical benefits.

"Boxing is just a metaphor for everything in life you just have to rolling with the punches whatever it does you have to keep going sometimes it will come back and swing at you but you need to just move out of the way and swing them forward," said Esquibel. 

While Correa won't be walking home with a gold like those handed out in Rio during the 2016 Olympic Summer Games after workouts he said that he's won something just as valuable, a sense of confidence.

"Once you accomplish something you feel like you have accomplished something and then you just go home so it's a part of my everyday life now," said Correa. 

So while the Olympics might provide an added business boost for gyms like Pueblo Boxing new members like Correa said they seen benefits too just of a different kind.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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