Rep. Thornberry on Trump comments: 'We all have to make a judgement

Thornberry Reacts

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Congressman Thornberry dropped by Newschannel 6 today to weigh in on the presidential race. He says with all the back and forth between the two presidential candidates he's not hearing much about what they're going to do regarding issues affecting our daily lives.

He says the U.S. has never seen a presidential race where the two candidates are so unpopular. With Donald Trump's latest inflammatory statements still ringing in the public's ears and Hillary Clinton's pay for play scandal - I asked him who he was supporting.

"I have not endorsed Trump for this campaign. The truth is I often don't endorse candidates. I figure people are going to make up their own mind who they are going to vote for and that's what I am going to do along with everybody else."

He says he's watching the race and listening to both candidates closely. There are things he hears he doesn't agree with.  I asked the Republican congressman if he thinks Donald Trump is fit to be president.

"I'm listening to what he says just like everybody else. He has certainly said things that I disagree with as has Mrs. Clinton. I think the country is watching listening, and waiting.  I'm really bad at predictions but one prediction I will make is that there will be more ugliness over the next several months with charges that go back and forth. We have to listen and make a judgment on what we think is the right thing for the country."

He believes Hillary Clinton's pay for play scandal may just be history repeating itself.

"It's disturbing when you have this private gain connected to her official position. Some people will say there is a history of that with the Clintons."

Congressman Thornberry's main concern is that people vote. He says he fears they'll hear all the ugliness being flung back and forth in this campaign and not want to get out and vote.

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