Road Trip: Windthorst Trojans

Windthorst sophomore quarterback Hunter Wolf scans the field to throw a pass during a training camp practice / Source: KAUZ
Windthorst sophomore quarterback Hunter Wolf scans the field to throw a pass during a training camp practice / Source: KAUZ

Friday night, our Training Camp Road Trip wrapped up District 5-2A Div. I with a look at the Windthorst Trojans!

They have more than half of their team back after going two rounds deep last year and come into 2016 one of the favorites to compete for the top spot in the new district. But, they will have to do it with some new pieces on the offense, including a new quarterback, sophomore Hunter Wolf.

"Hunter's a new face," said senior lineman Mitchell Berend. "We had a new quarterback who didn't have experience last year, too. So it's something that we kind of grew used to last year. This year it's not much different, but now he's got more years to even get better."

"He's really smart; he's a student of the game," said head coach Chris Tackett. "He works hard at it, and I think he's calm and collected and he runs the show."

"I've seen a lot of promising things," agreed senior wide receiver Landon Brown. "He's throwing some really good passes; he's working real hard. Coaches have got him stressed to the max working on his quarterbacking so we feel like he's going to have a good season."

Despite replacing some key skill players, the coaching staff still likes the talent they have coming back on offense.

"Corbin Reynolds will step in at running back," Tackett said. "He has some speed and shiftiness that we kind of got accustomed to, so I think he fits in there well. The offensive line, with Clay Dillon, Mitchell Berend, and Duncan Hilbers, I think they are going to be solid up front."

On defense, the Trojans plan to use their team speed to fly around and make plays.

"We may be not be quite as big on defense, but we may be a little faster this year," said coach Tackett. "And so that always helps, to be able to run a little bit. We're kind of looking at where we can put some athletes and then turn them loose and let them make plays."

"Our secondary is fast," said Berend. "Our line is fast as well. We don't have too much size on it. We're not bulky; we're just lean."

Some of the biggest things the coaches are working with the players on are situational football on both sides of the ball, and doing your job the right way.

"Make sure our passing routes are precise and not mess up on any of those," Brown said. "We can make sure our blocking works well. I think that was one of the problems we had a little bit, was blocking. We could run the plays, but we have to have some guys up there to help get touchdowns."

"The big deal is knowing how important that is, to get a stop and get the offense back on the field," Tackett said. "We probably gave up some big plays, or let some drives continue, that we shouldn't have last year. We're working to shore that up."

The Trojans open their season on Friday, August 26 on the road at Henrietta.

Saturday night, we'll start in Henrietta's district, 5-3A Div. II, with a look at the Nocona Indians.

Windthorst Trojans 2016 Schedule

Aug. 26 at Henrietta, 7
Sept. 2 vs Jacksboro, 7
Sept. 9 at Quanah, 7
Sept. 16 vs Munday, 7
Sept. 23 at Electra, 7:30
Sept. 30 vs Anson, 7
Oct. 7 at Olney, 7*
Oct. 14 BYE
Oct. 21 vs Chico, 7*
Oct. 28 at Alvord, 7*
Nov. 4 vs Seymour, 7*

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