Bowie ISD approves bid for roof work

Bowie ISD approves bid for roof work

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - At Monday night's school board meeting, the Bowie Independent School District officials approved a bid for more than $120,000 to repair a portion of the roofs on the intermediate school, junior high and administration building.
Steven Monkres, the Bowie ISD superintendent, said the roofs were damaged by hail last spring.

He said due to the cause of the damage, the district's insurance company and FEMA are picking up most of the tab.
Superintendent Monkres said FEMA will pay 75 percent of the cost insurance will not cover.
The district has already received $15,000 from FEMA so far, and more funds from federal government are expected. 
Superintendent Monkres said the new roofs will be foam and have a Duralast coating.

Some board members even tested it out with a hammer at the meeting, and it proved to be solid.
School officials said students will not be distracted by these repairs, since the buildings that need the work are not used full time.
Monday's meeting also consisted of the final budget workshop.
School board officials went over the tax revenue, and said it decreased from $10 million last year to $8 million this year.
Superintendent Monkres said the decrease is because of the drop in mineral values, but the last several years the district has been putting money aside to help.

He said the  budget is in the positive.

School officials will meet on August 31st to have their public hearing and adopt the official budget.
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