New Council Chambers

News Council Chambers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The City Council meeting today was held in the new chambers at City Hall - chambers which hadn't been updated in 50 years! Thanks to recently completed renovations they have a new modern look and feel.

City officials say renovations included not only re-doing the council chambers but adding new lighting, a new audio/video system and a new production system to produce the City Council meetings and put them out to Channel 11. They say the refurbishments were sorely needed.

"The last renovation was done in '64 so the room had a lot of paneling. It was dark. We had some acoustic and sound problems. We had a lot of trouble  with the people in the back hearing so it improved our sound quality."

The renovation project took eight weeks to complete and city officials say it cost about $420 thousand dollars. The project was paid for by public education and government money from Time Warner. Money, city officials say, they get to help with their production on Channel 11.

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