Back To School: Healthy Lunch/Snack Options For Students

Back To School: Healthy Lunch/Snack Options For Students

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The new school year for Wichita Falls ISD and many other schools across Texoma begins Monday and this year many parents are looking for new healthier food options for their child's lunch snacks. Megan Scherer is the Living Well Manager for Market Street in Wichita Falls and said that parents have plenty of choices when it comes to changing up what their children consume. 

Scherer said the stores Bulk Natural section allows for parents to mix and match healthy snack options for their child's lunch or snack breaks. There's a wall of various purely organic raw nuts, granola, and trail mixes that are free of both preservatives and additives. The section even has a machine that allows parents to make their own nut butters that are free of any unnecessary ingredients. 

"A lot of prepackaged peanut butters or almond butters will have a lot of hydrogenated oils they will have palm kernel oil vegetable oil and these have nothing added to them," said Scherer. 

Gluten can impact normal digestion, cause headaches, and even cause severe immune reactions. Some parents might find their child reacts and feels better when they consume products that are gluten free. Gluten is a protein that is found in a majority of products that include either wheat, barley, or rye. 
"Almost everything that you find from chicken nuggets in the frozen area or anything processed could very well have wheat in it and while you would not think that it would but with how food is handled and processed these days," said Scherer. 

Popular school kid fruit snacks like fruit roll ups and gushers contain high amounts of added sugars, corny syrups, and unnatural flavors or dyes that could impact a child's blood sugar and even cause insulin problems. Scherer said she has noticed more parents are ditching name brand loyalty for healthier alternatives if it means their child will be eating healthier. 

"I think back in the day a lot of people had go to name brand things and nowadays a lot of parents and families are questioning some of these companies and are questioning what is in their food they want to know they want to be aware they want more information and they are looking for alternatives to things that they have always had," said Scherer. 

If you're looking to learn more about what Market Street offers Scherer said the store has a health blog that check out by clicking HERE!