Operation Spa Day: Local kids get free haircuts and clothes for back to school

Operation Spa Day: Local kids get free haircuts and clothes for back to school

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - For many Texoma kids confidence is key to getting the most out of the new school year. That's why before the first bell rings for classes across the state - one local organization is giving students a boost in the self worth department.

Free salon services, clothing and fun - all in time for the beginning of school. Things many of these Texoma kids may not have if it wasn't for Operation Spa Day.

"We just get their self esteem pumped up and ready to go back to face their peers on Monday morning when school starts."

Spa Bella owner, Dawn Thompson, says it's about two simple words, "You're Enough."  She has hosted the event for the past 15 years and says her "You're Enough" movement is the focus of the day.

"We're working with them on the outside and on the inside. Working with them and teaching them that they are enough."

Dawn says she is taking her movement on the road with the "You're Enough" trailer which is going to travel across the U.S spreading the message.

Some of the children at today's event who are homeless, low income or in the foster care system now get the chance to start class with renewed confidence. 
This year more than 100 kids were in attendance from local children's advocacy programs like C.P.S., The Children's Aid Society and Patsy's House. All of this made possible by volunteers in our community like the Spa Bella hairdressers.

"This is probably my favorite day of the year - cutting their hair because you just never know when you could have been that kid."

Taylor Herr was put in the foster care system at age 8 and participated in Operation Spa Day as a child. She now volunteers at the event. She says the program meant a lot to her growing up.

"Being able to come to spa kids, being able to pick out clothes, being able to get a whole shoe box full of school supplies...one year I got a backpack with my name on it.Things like that make me feel like someone actually cares. There are good people out there."

Dawn Thompson says she asked the volunteers what they will remember most about today and they said...the smiles.

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