Friday morning apartment fire leaves many homeless

Friday morning apartment fire leaves many homeless

A fire that broke out early Friday morning left most of the people live on the second floor homeless.

The fire blocked the staircase to the second floor leaving the residents of the apartment trapped.

Taylor Ellis lives next door and said Friday morning was horrific for everyone.

"I heard screaming and thought someone was firing," Ellis said.  I walked outside and it was a bright light and I felt heat."

All that is left of the building is the chard aftermath.

Luckily for Ellis and her family, they live on the first floor.  Those who lived on the second floor were not as lucky.

The fire blocked the staircase leading up to the second story, leaving the residents with the only option of jumping out the window.

One of those people is Mahogany Polite.  She said when she saw the flames she knew what they had to do.

"My only reaction was that we had to get out of here," Polite said.  "So I thought about the window in my bedroom and we went to that window my boyfriend opened that window and all this black smoke came in."

Most of the residents had nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  The fire taking everything in its path.

"Everything is gone," Polite said. "I mean everything.  My dogs, food, my kid's clothes, shoes, my son's glasses, phone, my stuff, my boyfriend's stuff, everything.  We have nothing."

Even though they have lost everything, Polite and her family remain optimistic about the future

"Me and my boyfriend just stood there," Polite said. "He said we have to start all over.  We will. We'll get back on our feet."

The American Red Cross is helping to provide temporary housing for those who lost everything in the fire, however most residents are staying with friends and family.

A cause for the fire has not been released.