Volunteers prepare for annual bike race

Volunteers prepare for annual bike race

The 35th annual "Hotter-N-Hell" bike ride is Saturday.  With over 13,000 riders there will be many volunteers helping with the event to assist with any medical needs riders may need.

The race is 100 miles long and usually is done in 100 degree heat.  Event coordinators have made plans to make sure everyone stays safe.  The HHH has been known as a difficult ride, and with that there are designated water stops and medical tents throughout the ride.

"The staff is all volunteer," said Kim Maddin, Director of Community Relations for United Regional.  "The organizations that support us it's all of their staff."

Maddin said there will be 18 tents spread out throughout the race and said communication is key.

"We are constantly communicating to make sure they have all the needs," Maddin said.  Making sure they have staff there, making sure they have the supplies they need if they run out."

The supplies donated vary from towels to IV's and the volunteers are prepared to do it all.

Ellen Cannon is a nurse at the United Regional says the most common medical issue she sees with riders is heat related.

"Whether it be wind or the sun whatever the climate is we are dealing with that day, we see a lot of heat related injuries," Cannon said.

Cannon said one of her favorite parts of the race is the people that she meets while working.

"That day when you see all of those riders come out there are a lot from Wichita Falls that are around but there is a lot from all over Texas," Cannon said.  "I have sat and talked with riders who stumble in not feeling well that kind of thing and we get them up and get them feeling better and they walk out with a smile on their face."

Maddin said in the past they saw an average about 200 riders every year.

The rest stops are set up from the very start of the ride all of the way to the finish line.