HHH: Business Boost

HHH: Business Boost

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Businesses are preparing for the more than 10,000 riders that are expected to show up to race in this years Hotter N' Hell Hundred Bike Race. Some businesses are changing hours, others have said that they are expecting to see a 25% increase in sales.

The Holiday Inn Express located off Kell Boulevard in Wichita Falls has been booked since last year. General Manager Meghan Byram said that the hotel did have a handful of recent cancellations from riders unable to make the trip she expects them to be fully booked by Saturday.

"With everyone going back to school the hotels a little slower this time of the year but Hotter N' Hell really helps spike our revenue production," said Byram. 
Frank & Joe's Coffee House of Taft Boulevard in Wichita Falls said that they are opening up an hour earlier in order to better serve the early bird bikers. 

"So if they can come in at 5 am get a cup of coffee and then maybe after the race come hang out with us out onto the patio and listen to some music that's really what we want to do," said Jessica Edwards of Frank & Joe's Coffee House.

Bo Williamson is the Head Mechanic and Bike Operations Manager for Endurance House located off Taft Boulevard in Wichita Falls. Williamson said that he's already recieved calls from cyclist about upcoming sales for the big 'Triple H' weekend. Endurance House like most other sports bike shops in the falls will be trying to get rid of all equipment from 2015 with daily sales. 

"They start at 10% and then usually on Thursdays and then by the end of Saturday it's like 25%-30% of accessories components everything," said Williamson. 

The race begins at 7:05 Saturday Morning in downtown Wichita Falls with a ceremonial Cannon Blast.