HHH: Cooler Temperatures Impact Rider Turnout

HHH: Cooler Temperatures Impact Rider Turnout

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It looks like the weather for this year's Hotter'N Hell may not live up to the name. The unseasonably cool temperatures we've been seeing the past couple of weeks is having an impact on the number of riders signing up.

Even though online registration ended earlier this week, organizers with HHH say they're expecting more people to register in-person. In fact, they might see even more riders than they did last year because of the recent cooler temperatures.

Meteorologists say last year the high was 98 degrees. This year it's expected to be in the low to mid 90's for a high. It's definitely not going to be the hottest we've ever seen--back in 2011 we made it to 109 degrees.

"It seems that when folks figure out its going to 90 degrees or 92 degrees they decide that they can make it this time," said HHH Executive Director Chip Filer. "We figured we would probably get about 3000 people for late registration. So we'll have a good year."

More people are also volunteering for host homes. That means more spots are available for those registering late.

If you'd like to open up your home to riders or maybe you know a rider in need of a place to stay, call the HHH Host Home number at (940) 264-3434.