HHH: RV Biker Camp Village

HHH: RV Biker Camp Village

Hundreds of riders are showing up in Wichita Falls days in advance of the Hotter N' Hell Hundred to claim one of the 242 RV camping lots offered by the city. The lots are allotted on a first come first serve basis.

The camping site is a prime spot for riders who want to be both close to the events and the race start as well. Campers are less than a block away from the MPEC where the Consumer Show takes place and less than half a mile from the actual starting line for the 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile, 25 mile, and 10k mile rides.

Joe and Lori Herring of Breckenridge, Texas were one of the many to show up at 9 am Wednesday to claim their spot.

"Just coming up here to enjoy the good times that we have been enjoying the past five or six years," said Joe Herring.

Joe's truck pulls before coming to a stop on his lot. For only $17 bucks a day Joe and Lori can stay on the land and are allowed access to both free electricity and water. While the camping isn't free, the Herrings both agree it's cheaper than staying in a motel. For Lori, the 'Triple H' is about one thing only.

"Family togetherness and we just ride and have fun," said Lori Herring.

However, some of the riders are camping solo this year.

"Just myself. I came up alone. My husband likes to ride, just not 100 miles," said Dixie Duff of Yukon, Oklahoma.

Duff has been taking part in the 'Triple H' off and on since the 1980's. This will be her eighth ride. Duff said the weather looked promising enough that the three hour drive to the event would be worth it. Duff said she's been preparing for the 'Triple H' by going on 85 mile rides with a bike group in her home town. However, with so many RV's filling the site, Duff said she's looking forward to making some new biking friends while she's in the area.

"Getting out, enjoying comradery with other cyclists, it's just a fun thing to do," said Duff.

The 100 mile race begins Saturday, August 28, at 7:05 off the intersection of second and Scott Street in downtown Wichita Falls.