We Are Texoma: HHH celebrates history and longevity at 35th annual event

We Are Texoma: HHH celebrates history and longevity at 35th annual event

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A premiere event of the summer kicks off this weekend in Wichita Falls. The 35th Annual Hotter'N Hell Hundred is underway in the city.

"The heart of Wichita Falls is in this event," chairman Roby Christie said.

The idea for the 100th celebration of our city came from a familiar place.

"In 1981, we had just formed a bicycle club and as we were thinking about coming up with an event to kick off the centennial it seemed to us that a bicycle ride was perfect," Christie said.

During conversations, the committee realized the event would be in late August, which meant temperatures would be in the hundreds. So, why not make it a 100-year celebration with temperatures in the hundred while riding 100 miles.

"We were trying to come up with (...) what it might be called. Mark Davis, on our committee, said well it's going to be "hotter than hell" and he said that's got to be the name," Christie said.

Christie said the biggest contributing factor to the longevity of the Hotter'N Hell Hundred has been the commitment of thousands of volunteers year after year.

"We have more volunteers than other rides have riders," Christie said.

4,000 volunteer make their way to downtown Wichita Falls to help with the event and Christie said they are who make this annual event possible.

As Wichita Falls celebrates 35 years of the Hotter'N Hell Hundred, Christie is ready for the future.

"We'd like to see (...) continued growth of the event, continued support of Hotter'N Hell Hundred by Wichitans and the communities around here and we'd also like to see increased attention in Wichita Falls for safer routes to school, safer routes to work and safer routes for recreation," Christie said.

Samantha Forester, Newschannel 6

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