MSU Freshman Help Local Non-Profits

MSU Freshman Help Local Non-Profits

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Freshman orientation continued Thursday at Midwestern State University as students learned the ins and outs of the campus.

As part of the freshman orientation students not only learn campus traditions and more about their professors, but they were given the opportunity to sign up for Meals on Wheels. 

Meals on Wheels, served by 'The Kitchen' in Wichita Falls, delivers to more than 850 seniors Monday through Friday.

As part of Thursday's orientation, students put together packets for Meals on Wheels to deliver to local businesses. They also put labels on cards to send to current Meals on Wheels recipients.

"We're learning about local non-profits and we wanted to take the first step in getting the freshman, who are now coming to Midwestern, involved in volunteering," Peer Counselor Tim Torres said. "On top of that, all these students are learning what it is to be a volunteer."

Freshman orientation continues Friday and the first day of classes at MSU is on Monday.