HHH: Consumer Show 2016

HHH: Consumer Show 2016

WICHITA FALLS, TX - By Saturdays end it's estimated that over 26,000 people will have attend the 2016 Hotter N' Hell Hundred Consumer Show. Over 100 vendors both local and from around the country have set up temporary shop inside the Wichita Falls Downtown Multi-Purpose Event Center. Jeanie Boyd was working the vendor check-in for the 'Triple H' Consumer Show and directing businesses to their booths. 

"They are anywhere from $375 to $1000 so it depends on their booth size," said Boyd. 

One of the biggest booths at the show was set up by Sun & Ski of Wichita Falls who've been selling at the HHH Consumer Show for the previous 20 years. Mountains of empty boxes full of new equipment and gear are being broken down after placing the new items on temporary shelves. It's a big investment to buy all the equipment before hand but Kevin Porter of Sun & Ski hopes the company will make a big profit before Saturday ends. 

"We look to do probably 100k-125k for something like this," said Porter. 

Just across from Sun & Ski is Wichita Falls Endurance House booth. Bike Operations manager Bo Williamson has been working for hours preparing for the rush of potential buyers. 

"26,000 is crazy yeah that is pretty insane they said the number is going to be up because of the weather so yeah it's going to be fun," said Williamson. 

For businesses like Endurance House of Wichita Falls Williamson said it's a gamble regarding what products they bring to the show and what cyclist will choose to purchase. Being a cyclist himself Williamson is confident his booth will provide for riders wants and needs.

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Jack Carney, Newschannel 6