Castaway Cove Hopes To Close Season With No Injuries or Incidents

Castaway Cove Hopes To Close Season With No Injuries or Incidents

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls owned water park known as Castaway Cove is hoping to close it's 2016 season out with no injuries or incidents.

Last year in July of 2015 two young girls were transported to the hospital for minor injuries while riding a tube down the Cliffhanger water slide. The girls were in one of two tubes, according to Steve Vaughn the second of the tubes was sent down the slide before an ok was given by other park employees. Vaughn said that the park and its workers have learned from the past. 

"There have been no injuries at all this year," said Vaughn. 

Before the park open Vaughn said that he and other employees do full walk-throughs of the park to make sure it's safe. Vaughn said they are checking the bottoms of the pools, walkways, tables, bathrooms, and anything else that visitors might be using. 

"Lifeguards do ride it one at a time to make sure everything is safe for us and ready to go," said Vaughn.

Vaughn said that all the lifeguards are properly trained and ready to jump in should any visitor need help. June Baker and her daughter Kara said they feel the
park is a safe place and have full trust in the staff should anything happen. 

Well I don't care how many lifeguards there are on duty I still watch my kid I always make sure I know where she's at all times," said June Baker. 

Baker said it makes me feel safer that the lifeguards are there and that if something happens they are ready to jump in. 

Castaway Cove will close its door and drain its water after Labor Day Weekend Monday September 5th, 2016. To view the park schedule/calendar click HERE!