Safe Driving: County commissioners approve new weigh station on 287

Safe Driving: County commissioners approve new weigh station on 287

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Calls County Commissioners say our roadways are going to be a little safer thanks to a new weigh station. Construction was approved this morning. The proposed weigh station will be on highway 287. DPS officials says the exact location has not been determined but they say it will be west of Iowa Park. There is a small rest stop on both sides of the highway where drivers can pull off. They say that may be the location.

City officials say this is a great thing for our roadways because big trucks will have to comply with weight restrictions. Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom says the big thing is that it will take large unsafe commercial vehicles off the road. The weigh station can also help nab drivers trying to transport drugs into the area. He says all in all it will mean a safer place to live and in the long run it will pretty much pay for itself.

"287 has a tremendous amount of traffic. We want it to be safer. DPS said would you guys consider doing this? We've got the right spot for it and it's a nominal cost. We think it will pay back over a matter of time in fines and fees that are assessed."

City officials say the estimated cost for the weigh station is going to be about $250 thousand dollars. 75% will be paid for by the state and 25% will be paid from the general fund contingencies.

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