Deadly Drive: NHTSA sees highest number of road deaths in half a century

Deadly Drive: NHTSA sees highest number of road deaths in half a century

Every year, more than 35,000 people die on US roads.

On average, 10 percent of those deaths happen in Texas.

"We know what is killing people on Texas roadways," said Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer with TxDot.  "It is completely preventable."

The number one leader to traffic deaths is alcohol related.

Last year in the Wichita Falls District, there were 84 alcohol related crashes that claimed 4 lives and seriously injured 5 others.

About 32 percent of crashes are due to alcohol or drugs.  That is double the amount of wrecks caused by distracted driving.

"Unfortunately we are moving into the busiest season for fatalities," said Lewis.  "It's notorious."

So far in 2016, Texas has seen over 2,300 deaths and with four months left in the year, it is expected that we will meet our average number.

"We see this every year," said Lewis.  "It is not a surprise.  The surprise is all of this effort to make roads safer and campaigns and laws that come out to help protect people and we are still seeing people die on the roadways."

Lewis said it is very important that if you are going to celebrate the holiday with friends, to plan while you can.

"Before you go out to party this weekend, make plans to who is going to be the designated driver and get you all home safely to your families."

TxDot also wants to encourage those driving to find alternatives if you have been drinking such as taking a taxi or the bus.

Those who drink and drive can face up to $17,000 in fines along with jail time and loss of driver's license.